Posted by: Ibrahim | 16/09/2010

K. (via missallaneous)

Why not a bit longer? Just A BIT.

K. You know what's not happy? When people reply to a text message like this: Now, admittedly, being concise is not my strongpoint; eventhough poetry training taught me to value brevity. And I do. But I'm kiasu and like to make the most of my 10cents per text, so my text messages are like an everyday poetic endeavour to squish the most meaning I can into the least amount of characters. But it's just kinda sad when you send an extensive text on the cu … Read More

via missallaneous



  1. Just a liiiitle bit… it’s not asking for much, is it? 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Ibrahim!

    • My pleasure, and what an honour, indeed, to have you here!
      Ps. Am proud to have a Malaysian’s blog featured on WordPress!

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