Posted by: Ibrahim | 13/07/2010



My younger sister who had always been at home would be pursuing her studies. And that meant to leave Mom home, alone. Of course Dad would be around, but our village’s administrations and school teachings would sometimes consume him.  I worried that the stillness atmosphere would remind her about the memories she shared with her late son.

Every semester breaks, Mom would talk about him. It had been hard for all of us, and even harder for her. One year felt like yesterday. This holiday, however, she talked less about him. I was relieved thinking that she had overcome the poignant tragedy. Till one day, when I told her I wanted to ‘burn’ rubbish.

She went out in rush and prepared something. She told me things were ready. I was wondering whether she really heard me.
It was a statement and, I didn’t ask her to do anything.  I was confused a bit, but she handed me the fish tray and all. She misheard that I wanted to grill the fish. And that made me anxious. Big time.

I still remember how she told me that Bang Mad (my late brother) had once requested to grill his favourite fish. Yet, my parents couldn’t find the fish anywhere at market. What a coincidence. And It happened a day before the very day. We believed that once a person has destined for death, there were things that were not granted anymore. It was completely closed.

And her actions of preparing the stuff for grilling made me feel sad. As if Mom wanted to redeem something that wasn’t her fault, after all. She looked satisfied, though, and we enjoyed the meals together.

is a novel by Tariq Ali



  1. This is deep. Big time. One of my favourite entries of yours. It’s poignant..

  2. im…You still cant get over right… *sigh… I know it’s hard…but , I couldnt offer any word that weigh the same as this hardship…

  3. it touched me deep inside baim…
    ur mum misses him so much…


    I hope things get better for ur family especially your mum..

    p/s: it reminds me the love of our mothers. God!!! i hate to cry!!!

  4. Its the most amazing and touchin’ novel ….. I read it again n again … haha … and sometimes it reminds me about how much our mom care bout her child … MOM IS THE GREATEST LOVE !!

    • True. Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

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