Posted by: Ibrahim | 22/06/2010


My brother insisted me to join this Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Well, to be honest, am a bit pessimistic when it comes to all kind of MLM, where you need to find people and all that. It’s not because I don’t give a trust, but I know very well that I am not somebody who is good at persuading people. I tend to get mad if people don’t buy my stuff after giving them good speech. I distrust myself!

However, thinking that this programme has something to do with education, which is my field, I would like to give it a try. Still, am still doubting of withdrawing my money to buy the package which would cost me 1K++. So, my brother, again, will be sending me to KL for a overall states-talking course, to actually ‘convince’ me – and it is going to be few days before am going back to Sabah!

Although the system is good (where children go to a website and do their exercises), the payment is too pricey for ordinary parents. As somebody who keen to webmastering, I find it’s just, too much – and it has its limited period. Something like top-up system.  If the students go surfing, they’ll do the works half halfheartedly and hurriedly because they want to continue playing games and facebook.  As a teacher myself, I encouraged home-tuition. People from this so-called MLM academic marketing might say that you would waste more money and time – but let’s get back to basic.. If you love your children, you would give the best wouldn’t you?

My hard feels heavy you see. I’m in dilemma either to do this for my brother although I know I have no heart of doing the business. I know that am not that type of person who are good at persuading (read: forcing) people to buy the academic package thinking that it’s just way too expensive for a software. This is just way too risky. And I know, for sure, it’s  a huge risk for me.

Surprising as it is, I’m more than excited. Not to hear the programme, but to meet new people! I always look forward to all kinds of workshops, just to meet new people! It has been my goal. Thinking that I’m not somebody who simply accept things, I will also be preparing some really difficult questions for them to answer.

I didn’t go. Dad said there’s too much hassle in changing the flight tickets. I thanked GOD the whole night. And fews days later, I went back to Sabah happily – without the burden of having to sell those items.

TRADER is a novel by Charles de Lint



  1. wa…Im, ur getting involve with MLM…quite challenging but if you give ur best, mmg can succeed tu..;)
    That’s the good thing about MLM, u get to meet new people with various kinds of characters…na, ull be able to learn to adapt and adjust yourself to suit those you meet.
    Have fun ek 😉

    • Not yet. Practicum is coming soon. And I’m not that dedicated and motivated for MLM. You see, am just not that type of person. and MLM doesn’t belong to everyone. Doing business is just not in my blood, the way teaching does.

  2. to sum up the whole thing..

    dun get urself into things that u r not interested to explore in life, it’s a dangerous business..

    • Another serious business. Thank you bro. I’m not willing to the the risk. It’s not a risk anymore, it’s a verification.

  3. i bet it was the score A….

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