Posted by: Ibrahim | 22/06/2010


Those days I always dreamt of becoming a writer. And usually, every writer has their own nickname. So, I always thought of using ‘AdamDaniel’ as mine. I just loved the name Adam and Daniel because it represented universality of names of Messengers in Islam and Christian.

As a matter of fact, in a magazine’s editorial, I put my name as AdamDaniel. Coincidently, my brother and sister who happened to deliver their babies used the name. Both of them used the name without discussing with me and with themselves. By saying themselves, I want you to see this:

1. Adam Haris

2. Haris Daniel

They both have ‘Haris’ in their name, like I said, without having a mutual agreement whatsoever. It just happened, and we avoid calling the babies Haris because we would get confused.So, we called Adam and Daniel, which indirectly reminded me of my favourite names! And I just love both of them so much.

Out of the blue, I gave a thought about names that I would give to my children soon. I could only think of Yusuf and Aisyah. Both historical personalities have looks and hearts (Faith). Thus, it makes the person complete.

NATIVE SON is a novel by Richard Wright



  1. Aisyah Humairah should be nice..

    As for me i would love to name my future daughter, ‘Balqis Zafirah’… heee~~~

  2. Wow sir …. you have nice name nephew .. i like them too ..

    • Thanks Prince, you have a nice name too! I realised that our names are like the prayer for us. We’re living with the prayers and our parents’ expectations through it.

      • Yea , I agree 😀

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