Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/06/2010


Dad never forces us to become whoever he wants us to be. However, it doesn’t mean that he is not doing his responsibility. He guides us, still. As a matter of fact, he is the one who introduces us to multiple-intelligence tests (the theory that I only learnt in my 3rd year of degree!).

The test reveals our strengths and weaknesses. My decision to join TESL programme is based on the result. I’m not that excellent at language, but I’m slightly better at it compare to other intelligences, mathematical especially. As a matter of hard facts, it’s on the top of my application list and I only went to its interview. Until now I have no huge regrets (despite some irrelevancy and redundancy of its subjects). I want to become a teacher, because I just don’t have heart for any other profession.

I can’t imagine if Dad ever forces me to join A-Level and become a Physics lecturer like him. It must be deadly and I might have committed suicide. It’s just not my cup of tea. I barely scored my math tests, and Physics is my most hated subject. My Physics lecturer once commented that I didn’t have imagination because he believed it’s all about visualizing. I told him you just wait and see till I write a great fiction. I just don’t like to imagine momentum, power, speed – they’re so fixed.

So, I’m grateful and happy to be in this programme, although at times I have to deal with grammatical rules (which I perceive as algebra, Pythagorean Theorem and algorithm, in language).

THE WINGS OF THE DOVE is a novel by Henry James


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