Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/06/2010


Whenever I went to fastfood, I could see obese children eating the meals. Of course they looked adorable and happy, but wait till they become adults. The fats will become their flesh, it’s somehow hard to ‘melt’ them away. They would blame their parents for making them that way. So, I made promise to myself to never bring my children to these fastfood outlets.

My friend said that it would give some kind of craving when they get older. When we grown up, we don’t feel the tremendous urge. So I believe it’s effective to set up some alternatives. Having our own KFC at home, for example.

Still remembered that Mom usually cooked such chickens at home. They did have calories still, only that it’s healthier because we ate with lots of veggies. It had less fat, salt, and sugar because usually at the fastfoods outlets they are served with French fries and carbonated drinks.

I hope this is working and by then I need help to find a good wife who enjoys cooking and a health freak too. It feels like a sin when you feed the children with anything, the way you let your children become anything.

THE AGE OF INNOCENCE is a novel by Edith Wharton



  1. im, semua posts tajuk novel ka?

    we could make veggie burger…it’s yummy n healthy

    • ‘We’? I thought you said a big NO to my proposal? Just kidding. Yes, veggie burger sounds delicious, and vegan too!

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