Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/06/2010


I went to visit my untie today. By chance, my cousin was there as well. But she had to go back to her university as they would be having 1-week English course. UUM had invited native-speaker teachers from Sweden to organize the course. And I was thinking that I’d be going to be an English teacher soon. And we never had been trained by any native lecturers at UiTM, while these people who took the course that had nothing to do with English subject (in specific) had had the opportunities to learn from them.

The other day I read a newspaper article that Government will be hiring English teachers from overseas for schools. Mom told me that during her time, they had been taught by native speakers. She said it was so fun and nothing to what we predicted as stressful. These teachers I believe have been trained to use the best method of teachings, which are relaxing and meaningful.

Why didn’t Govt hire English lecturers instead? The teacher trainees like us need to be taught by these native speakers and only then we would really master the language and its methodologies. If it was not so, trust me, some of us would have the capability as equal or slightly higher to secondary school students. It’s true when our lecturers said those who taught in university, sometimes, have never taught at schools! (and they’re teaching us to be teachers?)

ON THE ROAD is a novel by Jack Kerouac



  1. My mum told me the same thing. She had a teacher from Australia, Nz n usa…
    One thing that she could remember is, her teacher applied hands on activity..for exp, making the real humpty dumpty with egg shells..-teaching vocabs

    • See, they’re great! Well, not really. Mom told me that when she went to London, these people were lazyheads and drunkheads! Dad said that they’re ‘trained’ to show good status to Asean.

      My lecturer told me that ‘some’ Chinese teachers could be proud of. Last time when they taught about animals to some pupils, they created their own horse, so that the students could touch the fur (hair?). They’re diligent, as we knew them in business. Somehow, I think that’s why Chinese school is always sought after!

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