Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/06/2010


I was actually nervous about my practicum. I tried to prepare things in advance. Physically, for example, I have made 30 copies of passport sized photographs. I repeat, 30 copies! However, it actually came in a package. I got it for only RM7. I repeat, RM7! Compare to your 4 copies of RM6-8, I think it’s just worth it. I had them all printed on gloss paper at Mutiara Cybercafe at Section 2, Shah Alam.

The quality is up to standard of laser printing. Unless I’m attending a model institute, I don’t need the grand copies. I know for sure that most of our documents will be thrown away (or lost) by times, and the price we pay will be a waste.

And I’ve prepared the necessary documents for re-registration. This time I don’t bring any reward certificates to be proud of, as they will only look at our personal documents. When it comes to attire, I only borrow my brothers’. I don’t feel like buying another pair of shirts or slack pants (I don’t have good taste of fashion, anyway).

Mentally, I send some messages to my seniors asking about their experiences at school. Most of them shared beneficial stuff with me. Still, I don’t know what to expect when I go to school. At the beginning, I think I will follow their advice but later I think I need to conceptualize my own. They seem contented with their teaching trials, so I hope it’s not going to be a big deal for me.

MISSION EARTH is a novel by L. Ron Hubbard



  1. cuti pendek sgt..i even dont have a time to…lucky u.I don’t know to ehich school I’ll be teaching

    • You should’ve asked. Our coordinator had been ‘secretive’ earlier, only after giving some reasons (transportation preparations), she gave up the schools (but not the supervisors altogether).

  2. maybe I was still young … if in the future … when I was finding for a job … can I do it by my self ??…. ( mcm tak boleh biasa kan diri ) haha … it must be hard right sir??

    • Of course. You’ll do just fine. Start early, plan for your future!

      • Hope so … and yes I did plan for my future … I will follow both of my brother foot step 😀 Someday I will make my dad proud … he want three of us to be a doctor .. 😀 I will never give my dad up

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