Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/06/2010


One of my seniors has told me that one day she wanted to find her family’s tree. To get to know her ancestors. The other day, I watched an Oprah Show where they discover some people’s root. And it happened that a Jew is related to a Muslim according to their DNA, which are impressive. Well not that impressive because we all come from Adam and Eve (Peace be Upon Them). Only those religions, races have diverted us from acknowledging our oneness.

My uncle has plotted our family tree as well. But I don’t know whether they’ve put them online or not. Our parents must know their ancestors. For me, they’re merely unknown names. Perhaps YOU and I are relatives without me knowing it.

I want to make the family tree larger by finding somebody who cannot possibly be related by blood. From the book that I’ve finished reading (God, Genes and Destiny), it stated something like.. if you get married to your close cousin, the possibility that your children inherit genetic disease is higher. It makes me realise why Islam doesn’t allow close kinship marriage. The Chinese, even.

I don’t feel like knowing my ancestors.. I want to create the future! By that I’ll be the ancestor.

BLOOD MERIDIAN is a novel by Cormac McCarthy



  1. ” i’ll be the ancestors”



    • Are you thinking the same way? Creating your own future and pasts for the generations to come?

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