Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/06/2010


I thought I was the only person who could communicate with my late brother’s apparition. It happened that my other siblings were able to talk to him, too. But it seemed like everybody has kept quiet when he came, thinking that nobody wished to be labeled as crazy.

On the spur of the moment, I couldn’t help telling him that I’ve loved him. He said he loved me too. I told him that I appreciated it very much that he made it to my theatrical drama. I never thought that he would attend the event that has no importance to him, but he did. I felt appreciated.

My other siblings started to talk to him as if he was alive. But I couldn’t really remember anything they said when I opened my eyes. I could only remember mine. It was so real and close that I could actually touch him. Now I realize that ‘moving on’ is actually beyond than two words, which I can’t possibly comprehend.

A FAREWELL TO ARMS is a novel by Ernest Hemingway



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