Posted by: Ibrahim | 18/06/2010


I once commented on my friend’s post. Her response is filled with enormous joy. I could feel her. You know when people can relate to you, have been feeling you. It makes you feel that your time and idea are worthwhile. The feeling of victory!

I write simply because I need to release things in my brain. I think too much. If I don’t share it with people, you will sometimes find me talking by myself. There is a sense of relief when I am able to put my thoughts in words, and people can understand it without having to read it all over again. It’s even rewarding when people can relate it to their own! I will be very happy if people leave me comments, be it constructive or destructive – I don’t mind. Make it long, please.

I will always try to write direct to the point for each post because I know we are all busy people. We want everything to be short and sweet. Thus, I avoid bombastic, flowery language that I usually use for my literature course (right). To be honest, I hate my lengthy post. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction for having more than 5 paragraphs per entry (because I know people will read and comment less!).

I also learn that writing in anger, although sounds authentic, will only reflect my emotional unbalance. And the points are spilled all over (which are better replaced by one single swearword). But I do share personal stuff, only after it’s being filtered. I write because I want my grandchildren to read mine one day (so ambitious?). Or in case I die before that time, at least this writing will keep me alive.

UNDER THE NET is a novel by Iris Murdoch


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