Posted by: Ibrahim | 18/06/2010


You have the best intention at heart. To make your parents’ life easier. To bring so-called sense of modernization. Only to know that you’re actually not helping.

Few days ago, it was raining while I was about to go to my sister’s house. So I stopped by PLUS centre next to the highway. I happened to see people reloading their ‘Touch-N-Go’ card. I was thinking that I would be going back to Sabah sooner and wasn’t going to use the card anymore. But I was thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, Dad could make use of the card to pay toll. At least he didn’t have to have a long que like before. So, I topped up RM50 to the card without giving much thought.

I returned back home and told Dad the benefits of using the card. Only to know that he barely travelled far thinking of how old the van was. And we couldn’t do much with the card. But he paid me RM50 anyways for the card. He planned to give away the card to my other siblings who stayed in KL. Thank God that the card didn’t have expiry date. If it wasn’t so, I would be contributing to the unbeneficial agenda.

And few years ago, Mom planned to have a handphone since we always had problem with our home’s line. So I bought Mom a good prepaid number with lots of credits. Only later to be ‘enlightened’ by my brother that Mom would face trouble to buy the credit at town whenever we’re not around. He told me that Mom didn’t care about money, as long as it would make her life easier. So he bought the postpaid plan for Mom instead. (still, I asked him to transfer the previous credit to me)

The best intention at heart is not always the most beneficial one. I have learnt that never to put my shoes in other people’s shoes. It wouldn’t fit.. We might be different. And I should have discussed before doing any additional ‘good deeds’.

A HANDFUL OF DUST is a novel by Evelyn Waugh


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