Posted by: Ibrahim | 17/06/2010


I personally don’t understand these people. If they want to draw a portrait of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), please do so convincingly. We would really appreciate that, because as Muslims we are just too busy following his teachings and admiring his personalities. We just don’t have time to imagine him by physical.

Anyhow, we have been told from authentic resources that he is a hunk. So where do they get the idea that he is an ugly, fat person? They could only imagine their own Dad? Too bad, it just doesn’t make sense. I tell them that if they ever want to draw his picture, please put a little more creativity.

And it is even funnier when they draw a picture of pig or dog which is wearing turban. Are they too consumed by the Darwin’s evolution theory that ape is magically able to transform into human being? I don’t get mad at these people; I in fact feel sympathy towards their lack of knowledge about the Adonis!

I empathized my brothers and sisters in faith, even more. You DO know that Prophet Muhammad is neither an animal nor some ugly Arab, yet you still publicize (read: share) the boring websites and pictures which only give them (the provider) higher rates! They got paid for every visit, you make them rich!

Thus, as civilized and educated Muslims, let’s just stay away from these ignorant (unless they’re ready to learn). We must bear in minds that these people have so much time to waste. As a matter of fact, they’ve drawn the naked photo of Adam and Eve, pictures of some verses of Bible that they claimed to be pornographic, make fun of Jesus (Peace be Upon Him). I have no idea where do they get so much hatred, and how do they actually have the heart to hurt.. But I know they just don’t have respect!

Let’s ignore them and make them feel that it’s just not working. “Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But TURN AWAY from the ignorant.” (Holy Quran, Al-Araf 007:199)

The title is inspired by James Joyce’s novel.



  1. hey im,

    Mydechantal.blogspot no longer exist.

    Pay me a visit in my new blog


    • Thanks for the visit, Elvie. I’ll update the link right now.

  2. I really pity those who thought they were having fun drawing pictures of our beloved prophet… they themselves were in a much poorer state than us in term of their spiritual attitudes.. The internet meme “Do not feed the trolls” really suit them… Luckily we did not chose the term “DNETI”.. Do not encourage the idiots.

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