Posted by: Ibrahim | 13/06/2010


I went to my sister’s house and I realised there’s something that my sister and I share.. simplicity! Especially when it comes to home items. Only basic things were in her house. It looked almost empty, but it was effortlessly neat. I still remember that when she was at our parents’ house, she would throw away unnecessary things. Mom and Dad, are different. They usually keep these stuff, in case that they, or us, or the relatives would need them in the future.

However, rather than keeping, as instance the academic books, we would recycle (read: throw) them all because we believe although we have younger sister/brother, they will definitely get another latest ones. It’s certain from my experience that nobody is hardworking enough to review the piles of books. Hence, these items, although might be useful, would definitely gave sore-eyes especially when it was placed at an open book-racks.

To avoid more ‘rubbish’ in house, I never brought back my TESL academic books, not even the originals. Instead I sold them all to my junior. My friend  told me that I should place them at home and be proud of those.. Who knows, I might be using them in the future. I told him, “fat chance.” I’ve been witnessing these thick, hardcover books which either belong to Dad or the other older siblings. And by times, the contents become outdated, and the 1st edition that we have at home, is now at 7th-10th edition at current market. And you expect me to refer to those? Fat chance!

The same thing went to my old t-shirts which Mom planned to donate to the needy. But as she said that, I knew for sure that it would remain forever in my room and suffocated me every now and then. So, I packed them all and delivered them safely in the store. I didn’t blame Mom, though, for keeping her promise that way. I wished for the same thing. To have a center where we can donate or recycle these things.

The title is inspired by E.M. Forster’s novel.



  1. our parents and sister are similar.

    my eldest sister would be the one cleaning up all those unnecessary stuffs for my parents coz i parents seem to be taking a long time to think to throw stuffs in our house.

    by the way, i’m worried that my parcel has not arrived yet. huhuhu…

    • Be grateful if it doesn’t turn up. Less work for your sister. Just kidding.

  2. who is the lucky junior?? haha :p

    • is singing Shania Twain – “She’s Not Just A Pretty Face” to answer your question. 😳

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