Posted by: Ibrahim | 08/06/2010

The Heart of the Matter

There was a part of our life where we refused to listen to our Mom (read: nagging). I couldn’t remember the part. But now, it seemed that I wanted Mom to talk all the way. When there was nothing to talk about, really, I would bring out a topic, and let she spoke all she wanted. I only wanted to hear her. Her words of wisdom. Even in the times of disagreements, I listen most to what she wanted to say than standing for my own stance. She is my oracle.

Did you still remember when I said I have insecurities when it was about the future? I did cover about financial insecurity. And this was another insecurity: the inevitability of losing the ones I loved. Every precious moments I had now with parents at home was used to make-up for the future. I started to be careful with my words, and tone so that I wouldn’t hurt them, the way I’ve hurted them before. I just didn’t want to have regrets.

Besides, I barely brushed my teeth every time I wanted to pray. But because of Mom, I did. Why? I never missed kissing her cheeks after prayers. And you didn’t do that with stink mouth, did you? If you thought I did the ritual since I was young. You were wrong. I’d only been doing that recently, pretty constantly. See, when you wanted to appreciate, it’s not that hard to continue when you already have a good start. Remember, don’t regret life later when you have the excellent opportunity right now.

The Heart of the Matter (1948) is a novel by British author Graham Greene



  1. God, i just realise how bad i have been to my parents. huhuhuhu…

  2. Thoughtful.. πŸ™‚
    Lets live life without regrets.

  3. very sweet of you. i always share almost everything with my mom. She has endless topic to talk about and I have so little time to listen. wish I cud rewind those times and just listened to what she had to say 😦

    • Why do you have to rewind it, when you have it live 24/7? Our Mom’s show is so much better than Oprah Winfrey’s, Martha Steward’s and Rachel Ray’s talk show – in terms of its depth and breadth!

  4. when r u going to update dear?

    i’m waiting..

    • Right now. Just for you. πŸ˜‰ Aferall, it’s our promise right bro to update our own blog, and keep both of us in touch.

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