Posted by: Ibrahim | 07/06/2010

Made You Look

We don’t have ASTRO at home. Dad said we don’t need them. I think it’s true. When I went to my sister’s house in KL, I didn’t know which channel should I watch. They’re too many options. But I opted for the best. When I said the best, I mean the best of my interest.

Now, be nice. I didn’t watch Astro Oasis, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Astro Awani 24/7. They’re good. They’re informative. But come on, they can be a bit dragging at times. Instead, I stuck to Hallmark Channel. It reminded me of the birthday card’s brand. It gave me good feelings.

Out of the other high-rates show (CNI, Oprah Winrey, Biggest Loser), I enjoy watching ‘The Nanny’ the most. For all my life, I’ve never been remembering any show time, but not with the comedy. I like the dialogues, they’re witty, it involves much innuendos. I don’t know how many season it has already but am sure going to find them all.

The title is inspired by Jamie Sobrato’s 2009 novel.



  1. Im, I love The Nanny too!!!
    “Miss Fineeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!”
    “Mr Shefielddddd”

  2. love the nanny but it wen it comes to comedy drama, i would go for how i met your mother. it’s stupid but still it helps you to laugh.

    i’m not in a good mood tonite. u know y..
    i hate diz feeling..

  3. another channel worth watching 733. 🙂
    and yes, I’ve always been awed at how witty the lines are in The Nanny and how it remains being so funny after all those years. Plus, I think Ms Fine is gorgeous. 😛

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