Posted by: Ibrahim | 01/06/2010

Family Portrait

Just like the past 3 consecutive years in Kota Kinabalu, I’ve decided not to go back during this year’s Eid Fitr. Back then it was so easy to stay back when everybody else went home. Perhaps because I wanted to feel as if I was staying overseas. Different environment, I would say.

This time around, after two years in Shah Alam and celebrating Raya at home, I had the urgency to must come home. The sorrow creeps inside when thinking that I won’t be coming home. I’ll surely sob myself to sleep during Eid’s eve. This is the feeling I’ve never felt before.

Why not just going back home, then? Actually, I planned to book a flight ticket earlier. The price, however, is just not worth it. After-all, Mom and Dad will be doing their Umrah this August, and will only arrive in the morning of Eid.

They’ll be celebrating Raya in KL with my siblings who live there. My other siblings who settled in northern states will be with their in-laws’ family. Means, there’s no studio family portrait this year. And that’s so dispiriting! Just kidding.

Actually, I wanted to go home. Only that I’m thinking that instead of using the money for flight tickets, it’s better if I give it to my parents so that they can use them during their pilgrimage. But don’t worry, I already planned ahead my wish-list (now it doesn’t sound that sincere, isn’t it?) so that Mom and Dad can help me to pray in the holy city. On the top, honestly, something to do about marriage (again!).

Actually, Mom wanted to do hajj for the second time, only to know that it will take 10 more years (umrah can be performed at anytime of the year, while hajj is only at one time and therefore people are queuing — Tabung Haji, the organizer prioritizes those who haven’t visited Mecca yet). That’s the reason why I’m booking for the hajj already. For your information, the board only required RM1,500 as initial requirement to list our name in queue.

Dad seems okay with me not coming back for Raya, but I still don’t know how to tell Mom. She really wants us to celebrate Eid together..

The title is inspired by a 1985’s novel by Graham Masterton.



  1. hi ibrahim 🙂
    awwwh thanks! that’s really sweet.
    and about the last song movie, i dunno when is the premier either! i heard only rumors.

    will let you know when i get the real info aite?

    keep blogging. i find your book choices interesting btw.

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