Posted by: Ibrahim | 25/05/2010

The Book of Tomorrow

I always told my friends that I’m afraid of the only thing that future ever promises me – the uncertainty, which indirectly makes me feel unsafe. Somehow, I’ve created master plan to face the insecurities.

I’ve been studying in Sabah for 3 heavenly years, and had 2 wonderful years at Selangor. And this year, I’ll be returning to Sabah to complement my study.Yet I’ve given a thought beyond the practicum. There were different point of views of where I should do my posting.

My relatives encouraged me to teach near to my hometown. So that I can take good care of Mom and Dad. Indirectly, I can spend more time with them – and not to mention I can save money for the house rent and able to taste the delicious foods. My auntie said that both of my parents are not that young anymore, and I should be home.

Yet, I told myself that sooner or later the time will come. Whether I’m close to them by distance or not, it does not make a difference as long as I always keep in touch with them. What’s the use of staying together but has nothing left to talk anymore? I want to feel to miss them like I used to be when I was over the South China Sea. And when I called them, there were a lot of things to share.

All in all, I have to admit that I need money. It’s one of the things that will heal my financial insecurity. If I stay in Sabah, for example, and specifically remote area, I might have chance to save more and gain more due to extra incentives. My brother who is 1 year older than me is getting married. And I’m next in line. And taking loan to get married is a shame, I think.

Perhaps, this sounds selfish.. Leaving Mom behind in order to fulfill the earthly desire. It’s nothing like that really. I’ve promised to myself to contact her always, remember her and our special events, and I hope by then I’ll be closed to her heart. And in the meantime, I don’t lose the opportunities to broaden my experiences and moolah!

The title is inspired by a 2009’s novel by Cecelia Ní hEachthairn.



  1. marriage…
    the thought kinda freaks me me out…
    it a real life changer..

    • A serious business, indeed. What’s your strategy to deal with it then?

  2. Salam Bro

    sometimes we need to breath fresh air, meet varies faces, and face tribulation so that will make us stronger. i hope u made a good win win situation in ur life so that ur parents will be ok then.

    May Allah ease everything ya
    nice meet u anyway

    • Salam. Thanks for agreeing with me, brother. I know you have vast experiences that you would like to share. I read your blog.

  3. “as long as I always keep in touch with them”

    This sentence raises my eyebrows defeating ziana zain. u know what i mean.

    Just noticed the pattern of entries based of novel titles. again, this raises my eyebrows. L.O.L.

    “The title is inspired by a 2009′s novel by Cecelia Ní hEachthairn.”

    since when cecelia ahern becomes cecelia ni heachthairn”??

    L.O.L. to the second power. :p

    U always talk about saving money. I’m immune. So immune. how much money do u want to keep? i know its def important but… prioritizing money instead of ur parents? really? now ur auntie has a point there.

    don’t get me wrong. this is just my two cents. ops. no sarcasm was intended with the word cents there.

    happy hols.

    • 1- I don’t get what you mean. The only thing I understand is that you’re a Ziana Zain’s wannabe (i.e. the eyebrows gimmick). Haha. As you know, we readers dislike guessing, so next time please state clearly what you’re trying to say.

      2-I’ve been using novel titles as post entries. Looking forward to include their wonderful taglines (usually every novel has their own, right? but let’s see whether it’s appropriate to the content). Last time I put the coverpage together, but afraid people will think am doing a novel review instead, so I removed it. Haha

      3-I always know you as somebody who stands for Wikipedia (saying that Wikipedia is reliable..yadda yadda yadda). Now I doubt your proficiency in utilizing it. Have you ever been checking it lately, esp about Cecilia? That’s her Irish name, for your information. I intentionally put it that way so that people will learn more about the author.

      4-I’ll be keeping the money all the way (crazy, but I’ve invested some for my retirement day). If I’m already a millionaire, I won’t go anywhere else. Talking about prioritizing parents, are you staying with them, or rather die (and missed the Kelly concert?) to live with the besties that you can’t live without? It’s time to be independent, bro.

      Ps. “LOL” trademark belongs to someone, Taufik. Go find something else. :-p

  4. Interested to comment on number 4. i’m glad u hyperlinked my entry. ur point is that u think i’m too dependent on my besties is it? In a way, yes i feel dependent on them. i need my best friends to cheer myself cause they make me feel desired. my life is not normal without them, as if something is missing. oh, my dependency on them does not mean i can’t live alone, mind you.

    anyway, it’s time for u to do a little bit reflection and ask the question to ur own self. 😀

    PS: in case u have misunderstood, LOL is not my trademark. nor i have the intention to make it mine. in fact, i dun need any other trademarks. i have established some. Boh! Just gave u one. XD

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