Posted by: Ibrahim | 24/05/2010


No, I haven’t gotten over Shah Alam yet. This entry, most probably, is the finale.  If you’ve been living in Shah Alam from early this year, you must have been enjoying the free sauna. Yet, I was surprised by the weather’s tremendous change right after the semester break started. Rain poured heavily and I could do away with my standing fan.

So, I came out with this theory that Shah Alam was punished for the wrongdoings (which I don’t have to describe further) by some UiTM students who settled here. When they left, the city returned to its natural state regardless of the industrialization.

The title inspired by the first novel in The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy by Sara Douglass.



  1. they have free sauna in there?
    how nice!!!

    i miss sauna back in uum.

    • Don’t you have a sense of cynicism, bro? Was talking about the bizzare weather actually.

      Ps. We don’t have sauna in UiTM. Only swimming pool. Never been there, though.

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