Posted by: Ibrahim | 22/05/2010

The Moviegoer

“Ibrahim, your copies sucks.. a lot!”

Every semester, there must be one or two subject which required us to watch some so-called educational movies. Other than reviewing them, I think we needed to get inspired as there were other subjects which required us to perform, too. It felt as if we were going to be celebrities, rather than teachers. Perhaps, they wanted to make us celebrity-teacher? But that’s another story.

Sometimes, we just didn’t have time to watch in class, and there were times we just have to rewatch the movie over again because the movie was so boring and we felt asleep so that we could copy direct dialogues’ from the movie (as evidences in our review). So, I took the initiative to rip the DVD or merge the CDs, and convert it to RMVB format. I wanted to have films which were watchable, and most importantly, transferable to classmates in general. Maximum 500mb size were adequate to be sent to any pendrive.

However, they were people who took the surface quality of the movie as their priority rather than the messages of the film. Like I mentioned earlier, they wanted to feel the film before really embracing the subtle plots and messages behind it. That’s individual preference, and I suggested them to copy directly from respective lecturers. As for me, as long as they’re watchable, it should be fine. I was still not going to fall in love for original Shakespeareans, anyways, even if the movies were in Blue-rays High Definition quality.

The Moviegoer is a 1961 novel by Walker Percy which won a National Book Award in 1962.


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