Posted by: Ibrahim | 22/05/2010

A Song I Knew By Heart

I personally hate it when people paste a lyric in their blog. Reading a lyric without music, feels as if you’re reading a poem which has no significant to you. Lyric is merely nothing if it doesn’t come with music. And even if it’s embedded in the entry, do you think everybody is able to play the song? Come on. If people want to hear the song, or need the lyric, they can Google it by themselves. What people want in your blog is your genuine thoughts which are not plagiarized from any composer or producer.

It’s fine, though, to include 2-3 lines of the particular lyric and give your own thoughts. We’re not some kind of psycho who can read mind. We know the lyric, but we don’t know why it is so important to you. We’ve different background, socio-cultural and every song has different implication to our feelings. Enough with the rants.

This morning, I heard a song by Rossa. I googled for the lyric, and some people say that the lyric is SO exciting. The lyric has advices to girls to not easily trust their boyfriend, but I think I can’t agree to one part:

Hey ladies jangan mau di bilang lemah (don’t let people say we’re weak)
Kita juga bisa menipu dan menduakan (we’re able to lie and be unfaithful)

Being weak is one thing, being stupid is the other thing. It’s fine if you don’t want people to assume that you’re weak. But don’t be such a fool to lie and be unfaithful. If you cheated a man because you want to take revenge, another man will gain benefit over you (what are you, a playgirl? or a whore?).

I mean, if you cheated a man for another man, you’re still not winning. If you are just being unfaithful to him, he will still feel that you can’t let him go (even after the torture, mistreatment, unfaithfulness). The best way is to break up with that crook, and simply find another man and live happily ever after. I tell you, man ego cannot tolerate losing.

A Song I Knew By Heart is a novel by Bret Lott (2005)



  1. i agree with the last paragraph šŸ˜€

  2. u ok bro? sounds like somebody has done something wrong to u?

    • Not really. Just tired of bimbos.

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