Posted by: Ibrahim | 20/05/2010


I left Jati College  a bit later than the rest. Most of the rooms were empty. Out of boredom, I sneaked to the vacant rooms, and I was surprised of things that they left behind.

Huge mirrors, toiletries buckets, clothes pails, shoes, were among the stuff. Last time I saw boxes of drinks which were not expired yet.. in the dustbin. But I wouldn’t tell you what I did with them.

These people need to leave something behind so that wouldn’t be carrying heavy bags. So, I was thinking that perhaps I should open a ‘Donation Center’ where people could place all of these items.

Perhaps, I wouldn’t donate it. But I would sell it cheap to the juniors who would come in next semester. Earlier, hostel warden told me that they’re going to demolish all of the stuff inside any room.”What a waste!” I told myself.

These stuff which were still in good conditions would be wasted, and later polluting the earth. I remembered that there was a ‘Recycle Club’ set up to handle recyclable items, illogically however, they only lunch their activity early semesters where people had little to contribute. Yet, they kept asking room by room to send them old newspapers, plastic bottles etc.

They should have done it later, when everybody already left their respective houses, and guiltlessly threw all of the recyclable materials outside (there were bins, but they’re all filled).

I would send a letter to the hostel admin to set up a club and store where people can beneficially ‘throw’ their unneeded stuff, which were still useful. Perhaps, the club should work together with the recyclable club I mentioned earlier. What say you?

Title and image courtesy of David Morrell’s 2008 novel.


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