Posted by: Ibrahim | 18/05/2010


I’ll only be going back tomorrow. And that makes me the last person to arrive at my hometown. For all this while, I’ve stayed at my sister’s house with intention to help her with housekeeping. I can’t do much, accept the laundries and arrangements. I blame the contractors for taking too much time for renovation, and till now, they’re not quite done with everything.

It has been 2 weeks since the semester break. However, being with my sister and her family makes me feel home already. I don’t even get homesick. I even have time to imagine to be in her shoes. Leaving house at dawn, send a child to school, and a toddler to nursery, and (due to traffic and distance) only arrive at the office 1 hour later (Sg. Buloh – KL). In the evening, it takes another 1 hour to arrive home and before that not to forget to pick up the kids. Yet, she returns home with a smile on her face.

Instead of wondering ‘Why?’, I keep the question ‘How’ to myself. But I don’t ask her. I won’t ask such academical question to my sister. It sounds so formal, and alien for a chitchat. However I got my answer last weekends. We were on our way to playground to accompany the kids. “It’s the feeling when you have your own home.” She continued, telling me that the feeling to arrive home save and sound are indescribable. The weariness just disappear like that. It’s what she defined as ‘home sweet home’ or ‘rumahku syurgaku’ (heavenly home). Well, I never have such feelings when I get back to hostel. What I know, I have to complete the assignments and all.

About tomorrow, perhaps some of you wonder why I choose to go back by flight. No, I’m not traumatic over my bro’s accident although it does instill fear in me. Unless am in a trip with friends, I despise being in a bus for like 5 hours with nobody to talk to. I’d rather use AirAsia that took less than 45 hours for arrival. And am not rich. I usually book the ticket 2-3 months in advance, and last time it’s cheaper than the bus ticket, itself.

Title and Book cover courtesy of Marilynne Robinson’s novel (2008)



  1. “Why?”
    She;s a woman. Being at home with her husband and children are the best. I guess

    ALLAH tidak akan menguji hambaNya dengan ujian yang tidak tertanggung. Think how we could survive maktab and uni life, being away at home? It is hard at first, then we are used to it…

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