Posted by: Ibrahim | 11/04/2010

Still Alive

42 assignments.

The most wonderful semester so far.

I still wonder why do we have to:

1. Carefully design a lesson plan so that we can cite the rationale based on the journals that we have learnt.. yet we have to create  ‘another’ totally different lesson plan for microteaching (that sometimes, is obviously ‘out-of-theories’ and for the ‘sake-of-microteaching’).

Why can’t we have one lesson plan that is designed according to the theories and use the same lesson plan for microteaching? It saves more time, and we could see the applicability of theories in our classroom.

2. Study SLA’s topic, dig Google and library archives for additional information, do presentation on it, present it wholeheartedly.. and not allowed to do term paper based on it.

Why can’t we just do a term paper based on the topic that we’ve initially studied? At least we don’t have to dig another journals, reread everything all over again. If we use the same topic, it only deepen our understanding of the subject-matter.

3. Are we going to teach Shakespeare in our English class? I don’t see any Shakespearean in the latest literature syllabus.



  1. very true and sincere 🙂
    i second the statement.

  2. u must be very bz. its been ages since ur last entry 😛 glad to read ur update 🙂 how bout sonnet 18? teda ka sda d syllabus? urgh..shakespeare, ive never been a fan of him lately. lol

    • Let me check my list… erm.. basically 3-5 more written assignments that will consume 7pages at least, for each. and few more tests to go. imagine that we have 16 assignments that we need to submit in the first week of semester and yet the burden is not yet over though study break is approaching. God’s sake!

      • ganbate im!!! u can do it!!!!

  3. I think your lecturer’s long-term learning objectives are…

    By the end of the semester, TESL students will be:
    i) able not to think straight at least 3 out of 5 papers because they were bombarded by assignments instead of learning in the lecture rooms.
    ii) fat enough to make their hommies struck after eating too much due to stress.
    iii) having big acne vulgaris at every inch of their face.
    iv) able to drive themselves crazy.

    • Interesting. 😉

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