Posted by: Ibrahim | 11/04/2010

Ridiculous Mindset

Regarding the outrageous 42 on-going assessments, my lecturer would like to bring the matter to meeting. Yet some little population of people said that she shouldn’t because they want the juniors to feel the same way.

I was like what on earth are they reprimanding? Just because you feel the unnecessary burden, you want the others to feel it too?! For me, am happy if there’s something can be done about the assignments (eliminating, reconstructing based on relevancy).

Talking about the attitude, it reminds me of my early days at maktab. We were being ‘ragging’ few times (it is a TEACHER training institute, mind you). And some of my friends wanted to do the same to the juniors – to make it fair and square.

Many were disagree to the mental torture, gratefully. Afterall, if you wanted to take revenge, why don’t you give the same punishmenst to the retarded seniors? why must the innocent juniors be the victim?? Ridiculous mindset.

I forgive the old seniors because i believe that most of them are taken just to fulfill teaching field.. but we’re not just educated, but were being ‘filtered’ through interview and psychology analysis whatsoever.. yet the attitude!



  1. So true! I agree with you.. we should abolish those unnecessary assignments.. and if anyone hold grudge to their seniors, go ahead and punch their faces.. now that we’re on the same par, feel free to torture those nasty seniors.. not Junior ok!! hehe…

    • Indeed. Indeed. So let me add your blog into my list. How come blogging without me knowing?

  2. indeed, but sumhow I think there’s benefit in the traditional approach of the seniors…juniors learn about boundaries…bcoz from what i have gone thru, using the new approach makes sum of them ignore such thing…i mean if oredi include not respecting the teachers and lecturers mmg menyedihkan la. So, sumtimes its not merely about revenge..some things just need to be operated like that bcoz there are sum ppl just need extra lesson/ another approach. However, about lessening the asgments, i totally agree that they need to be reported. How can we actually learn meaningfully if we can’t even savour the knowledge in each subject according to our own pace.

    • Thank you Nui for the inputs. I agree with your statement that traditional approach is practical in certain conditions. For example, some people are indecent, and arrogant. These people should be taught in some ways. However, the problem that ‘ragging’ sessions that we had, was not to address the issue, yet to humiliate us. What on earth good people (like me. ahem) are being asked to pretend to do sexual act, be scolded, and do foolish actions for no apparent reasons.

      If we have problem with ‘certain’ people, just handle with the minority.. why must involve ALL who know nothing for the wrongdoings. That’s why I think the unjust treatments should be abolished. In my situation, I know how to smile and greet seniors. Yet, after they ‘tortured’ me, I don’t even feel like seeing their shadow. One of our juniors, also afraid of me for no good reason. He told me that I am Cohort 4, and we’re evils (I know I did look fierce.. but evil??). The trauma is there. If we have conflict with certain people or there’s a misunderstanding, we should talk heart-to-heart. I think that encourages more respect than revenge. Just my 2 cents.

  3. huh..humiliating like that mmg la tak patut…takpe im…what goes around comes around…God will help pay what they did to you…;)

  4. I secondddddddd thatttttttttttt ! 😀

  5. I can totally relate to this, being in an SPB for 5 whole years. I just dont get it how anyone could ever have that mentality of ‘being fair’ by playing the same game with the juniors. They’re totally different people. But then, there’s the excuse of wanting the tradition of ‘respect’ to never end. Oh well.

    Its a choice really. To be wise and let go or otherwise.

    Your lecturer is actually considering that? Wow, he/she’s a life saver! This sem has been the most tiring ever! Its gonna end soon, though. 🙂

    • i was in SBP too…and my batch tried the nice approach with the juniors…but then, they didnt improve in their manners and the teachers blamed us the seniors…and to make things worst, we cant even tegur them…the parents were so protective tak bertempat..sedey tul…

      • It’s sad how arrongant some people are. If the parents are showing such example, what else can we expect from the breeds? I don’t know how to maintain our virtue when we’re facing these people throughout our teaching soon. Ideas?

  6. no’s all bout politics im..politics..the one above set everything..we down here follow anythin.
    it’s ok to have ongoin’s d most up to date type of assessmnt. d prob is the subjects..Too many subject..too many methoD,.with young ignorant lecturers who don consider Ss burdens.
    RAGING? it’s da nature bro/.seniority comes 1st. even wen we get to work..we can still feel the heat of wif it bro

    • Your ‘no comment’ is actually an insightful comment, indeed. ‘On-going-assessment’ is set up with the best intention in minds, which is to tackle the exam oriented system in University. Yet, as you’ve explained, there are many unnecessary subjects that are not applicable to our teaching field. The methodologies for example, are being taught as one subject in Australia (according to a friend of mine). It’s realistic as we’re not going to teach listening, speaking, writing and grammar separately in a language classroom. I even flipped the text book that he used there – it’s a book of basically, lesson plans which include all the good activities!

      About the lecturers, perhaps some of them don’t even know the pains that we’re going through and through. But am grateful enough that there are lecturers who care enough to ask, and try to minimize the ‘complexity’ of the assignments’ requirements. Yet, the quality of my assignments this semester is undeniably at stake.

      Brother Amin, I indeed agree with you about the nature of seniority. Still, being seniors doesn’t mean that we can simply ‘bully’ the juniors. If people want to respect us, let them respect us for who we are, not through coercion.

  7. Hurmm..
    “Treat Others as how you want to be treated”
    Enuff Said –THE END–

    • Well, Dewi, that ‘the end’ is a bit drastic and doesn’t sound like ending at all. IT rather invites curiosity here. Why not just we ‘share’ the unspoken (yet writable) experiences? Come on, spill it out. 😉

  8. ape faedah diye dapat by torturing the juniors?
    chisss.otak sempit.
    cube kalaw diye jadi juniors?
    da tentu meradang.
    but anyway, our c5 gaya are tough.
    bring it on, they will survive.
    i assure you that.

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