Posted by: Ibrahim | 29/12/2009

ICRESS Disfunctionality

Earlier they postponed the official opening date (ie. 28th Dec) to 4th Jan, which caused difficulties to those (esp. Sabahan and Sarawakian) who already have booked flight tickets — hostels are not yet prepared to the early comers, even.

Then this, registry thingy..

Which is suppose to be on 21 Dec. Yet the system is not yet available till today (which is 1 week delayed)

And if you think it’s already available. Think again. At first they promised to open the system at 11.00 am, and then 11.30 am and then 1.00 pm. now, although already passed 2.00pm, the system is not yet open.

What’s wrong with the system really? I thought we’re undergone internalization.. and punctuality?

I know that technical difficulties are inevitable, yet please do let US (the students) know what actually happen that caused the delays. We also have other business to do.



  1. its not like we’re in front of the screen 24/7 just to stare at the icress with a click-able ‘enter’ button -.-

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