Posted by: Ibrahim | 22/12/2009

Perfect Victim

“He don want to listen to me.” I told A boy.

“No, he DOESN’T want to listen..” A boy corrected me.

I was like..

I don’t need a spell or grammar checker while talking. I only need a good listener, yet.. he’s just so annoying. Come on, it’s just a silly mistake, and I am so vulnerable to it — couldn’t he just focus on the subject matters?

This is another story: A lecturer of mine once mentioned that English language in Malaysia is not our 2nd language (ESL). It’s a foreign language (EFL), just like in Japan, Korea, China etc.

She said that we (esp. Malays) use Malay as their first language at home, and barely use English outside (spec. school, govt office, workplace etc.), and why on earth we’re labeling English as our 2nd language?

Compare to Singapore, they use English at schools, workplaces, govt offices and even in public.

Understanding a language doesn’t make it a 2nd language.



  1. true. english is my 3rd lang, arab 4th, korean dusun and bajau???? hahahaha….kidding. but eng is my 3rd lang..yg 4th and 5th tu…mmg efl :p

    BUT to label whether its our 2nd lang or depends on the individuals..if we apply it..sure it is..if we dont n only use it occasionally then efl, it is. but in a bigger pic..eng is more like an efl to us and in fact, we’re not a match to singapore…poor us. even they make better movies than us huhu.

  2. I’m guilty of doing what the boy does. I am truly ashamed of myself -_-

    It’s more of a habit actually…can’t really help it *shudder*

  3. That mistake is a common mistake and yeah, it’s pretty annoying when people correct my grammar while talking. But usually, people only correct my pronunciation which sometimes sounds so funny 😀

    For me, English is my second language. I use it besides using Malay at home. And also when I communicate with other races.

  4. hmmm to me in conversation, the message which is needed to be conveyed is more vital as compared to the accuracy. As long as it doesn’t distort the point, it is ok ape…;p
    maybe there’s hidden message kowt im…hehe

    about the ESL or EFL, I agree with mimi. It depends on the individual’s usage of the language in various aspects in order to classify the type of English. Maybe the classification of ESL is based on the majority of Malaysian using the language like the ones living in urban area ( as the place is more packed with people). Well, that’s just a theory.

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