Posted by: Ibrahim | 05/12/2009

Does Matter

Last time I check my facebook’s notifications,

And there’s something that symbolize important thing in our life.

If you ever notice, I mean, really notice the gap is 1-2 secs. Yet, they are different because each is in different day.  It makes me believe some people get what what they want earlier, as they work harder and ealier than most people. There’s a saying that affects me a lot, “If you don’t practise, people somewhere are. And when you meet those people, you’re at lost side.”

The image up there, does it give you any impact?



  1. a split second can make a big difference. we’ll never know.

    • You bring your argument quite precisely. I think we should always get prepared.

  2. i understand…;)
    yup each moment, i mean second does matter in our life..It indicates our paces of life. It shows the difference of us & other people. Even in our religion indicates that TIME is important. Those who procastinate ( ouch!) will be left aside. It is good that you point that out Im..;)

    • Welcome Nui, and thanks for the wonderful thoughts.

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