Posted by: Ibrahim | 25/11/2009

Skin Care

I don’t have good complexion, let alone perfect skin.

Yet, I’ve improved my skin condition and when people say that my skin is getting fairer and smoother like girl’s, am flattered. Even my sister texted me the other day asking about the cream that I use.


2005-2009 Facial Transformations

I told her that I only use cheap facial cleaner, Ā TESCO brand! But I have a tips, a very good one that simply and practically works for me.

Avoid sunshines!

Those days I always expose my face skin to the sunlights. I thought by doing so, I’ll get vitamin D. Yet, it left me with pimples, scars, oily skins. It burned mine too. While my body skin is smooth and fair, my skin turn dark and frog like.

Nowadays, I used to wear jacket that comes together with hood. It’s to cover my face from direct exposure to light. If I were a girl, I think I might be wearing niqab (purdah) or burqa (afghanistan style). So that my skin will be as good as those Arab women.



  1. tip num 1: MUST use sunblock spf50++ ..use it everytime u go out.
    when u stay in or at night, try vit.e gel moisturizer. u can find it any guardian.

    vit. e moisturizer tu sgt murah..only m6++ ..and i use it too :p

  2. no sun here, but my skin’s getting worse.sedeyhhh ):

    • Your skin remind me of Bella in Twilight and New Moon. She’s got this silky smooth fair skin. Yet, getting worse? It could only go bad if it’s really affected.

    • use vaseline auni. iits very cold there and it causes ur skin to dry out.

  3. purdah? not for me. i love the sun! i’m tan!!!! dont be shock when u see me.

    oh now i know y u like to wear the hood jacket! hehehe

    • Your skin complexion is silky smooth. What’s the secret Miss?

    • Yeah, I hate wearing sunscreen everytime I go out.
      Ps. thank God I don’t have to wear a makeup.

  4. I cannot believe this will work!

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