Posted by: Ibrahim | 25/11/2009

In Vain

“You f***ing piggy wh*re! Do you think you can live without me?”

Is a piece of message that I get on my Facebook.

But that’s not what’s said to me, but to a friend of mine. Another part of her message continued:

“..At times he’s so gentle, even called me a princess. Yet most of the times he only brags about himself. About how handsome, smart and skillful he is. That he’s being the jock that all girls would drool for. And because of that, he said I should be grateful that he chose me..”

Those are the lines that pointed me to something.I’ve read it somewhere before, but wasn’t really reading it. So, I googled over again and realised that I’ve been facing with the same people all this while!

If you know anybody who ALWAYS brags about how smart, pretty/handsome, talented and unique s/he is, but always put people down behind their back, BE WORRIED!

Your significant others might be suffering of NPD.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is NOT high self-esteem, but a condition where the typical narcissist shows these similar characteristics:

  1. Narcissists hate people to point out their mistakes and even though they admit it, they don’t really mean it.
  2. They constantly talk big about themselves, how rich they are, how smart and beautiful they are, etc.
  3. They will do anything to grab attention from people who have significant to them. But once they get what they want, they’ll move away.
  4. Whenever you’re trying to talk to these people, they’ll control the conversations inward themselves or what they believe in. No matter how solid your argumentations are, they are not going to believe in you!
  5. They can simply get mad whenever they receive criticism from others (they act cool in front of you but BEWARE, they’ll be bitching behind your back).

In Wikipedia, it mentioned that Narcissistic has something to do about ‘self image’ or ‘ego’.

To deal with those people, I always

  1. avoid giving them advices that against their self image(what they believe in),
  2. praise them by exaggerating their qualities and say it even before they start showing off (remember, Narcissists love attention).

I know this will make the disorder becomes worse, but they’re happy, and am happy, so what’s a big deal? Am not a psychiatrist anyway.



  1. tsk..ive met this type of ppl. they think that the world is all about them. well thnkfully none are my friends…so my advice is STAY AWAY from them :p because u will end up being annoyed till u feel like puking rite to their face…errr…too much talking.


    • I wish. Some of them are just too good to be true, that I often fall in their trap. Can’t help it.

  2. Haha.. I dunno why I picked this entry to comment on.. ^^
    BUT i can’t resist the “opening line” & ur blurred picture.. LOL.. cracks me up in an instant!
    Some people just don’t have a topic to discuss, so the closest topic to get excited about is.. THEMSELVES. (-.-)
    Its nice to hear ppl talking bout themselves..
    The problem is when they ALWAYS talk abt themselves..
    Hopefully I don’t get infected by NPD! ^^ hopefully.. (-.-)

    P/s: my new hobby – reading blogs
    so, write more soon.. ^^

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