Posted by: Ibrahim | 25/11/2009

Big Deal

Some people used to ask me to check their thesis or assignments. I can tolerate grammatical mistakes and direct translations, but I cannot tolerate one thing.

Prof. Ibrahim

Just ONE thing.


The problem with these people is that they have basic skills in English language, but they’re not good in thinking!

They have brilliant idea. But they never have been taught of how to expand it. So, they went repeating the same point over again.

This is a big issue as I can help with grammatical mistakes and direct translations, but nobody can help TO THINK for them.

Worse, they tried to include some bombastic words that for me, is no more than rubbish. It’s better to use simple words to explain a clear idea rather than ‘beating around the bush’.

I don’t blame them. During my school days, some teachers would grant extra marks if we use ‘high’ words – they said it would impress the marker.

If it’s used accordingly, should be fine but these teachers, I assume, forgot to prioritize things. It’s the content that much more important.

I think this is why people hate literature. For me, literature is fun if it’s delivered creatively, and intelligibly (understandably) rather than.. well, you know.

Soon, when I become a teacher, if any of my students try to act Shakespeare, I will give zero. No compromise.



  1. kecian ur future Ss :p
    but true enuf, being straight to the point is the key. elaboration is of course needed but it must not repeat the same point but to explain futher about it.

    about bombastic words…wats d point of using ’em if they dont know the exact meaning…jz a waste of time to impress d examiner and before they knw it, suda tpesong tu jwpn :p

    • I will make sure that none of them end up being a famous Shakespeare who many people hate.

  2. hehehe garangnya Sir Ibrahim.
    but yea, I agree. beginners should stick with the simple words when not sure and focus more on grammatical accurateness.
    my problem when checking ppl’s work is grammar! aaaah, im a grammar freak! hahaha. need to do something about that before I become a real teacher. 😛

    • We’ll get better in time. Soon our students might be ‘teaching’ us a bit about grammars, vocabs etc. Accept it with open heart.

  3. agree!!!

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