Posted by: Ibrahim | 22/11/2009

Too Late

Check in Counter

AK5252 (to Alor Setar): CLOSED

“Amar, we’re late.. and we’re dead.” I lamented.

Our flight was one day after a 3-days trip. Although we’re tired of the journey, we managed packing and did our clearance that very morning still.

It was almost 11.50AM when we took the cab to Section 17 bus station. When we arrived, there was only one bus. And it was so much relieving to know it’s our Plusliner bus to go to LCCT.

The driver complaint the we’re late. “Late? Since when 1 minute late is considered as late in Malaysian society? Usually even 30 minutes late is still early.” I questioned myself.

This paradigm shifting is good because… well, our community is becoming punctual. But it’s not good because we used to delay things and all of a sudden we’re facing this.

It took 1 hour to arrive at the airport. We ate at KFC booth, and thinking that it was still early, we hung out for awhile there. Apparently, it wasn’t that ‘awhile’ when we realised that we only had 30 minutes left before 4PM, and we hadn’t checked in yet!

We went straight to the counter, and.. nobody’s there! At that time I could only think about these things: Take bus to go back to Shah Alam, text Dad that I missed the flight, book another ticket to go back to Kedah (and yes, this time by using bus).

“Ims, why don’t you ask the receptionist instead, maybe she could help us?” Amar’s suggestion woke me up from my regret. Talked to her and she said, “You’re suppose to check in 2 hours before, but, well, you can try your luck at Counter 38.”

Went there and there was a Caucasian pleading for a replacement flight. I was panic, and furious at the same time.. furious because he took quite a time to explain this and that, when we all knew there’s nothing could be done.

“Like hello, we’ve been queuing up here for 10 minutes… the minutes that might cost us our flight. So Sir, will you let us try our luck already?” I didn’t say it, I just mumbled there but I think he heard me.

The flight attendee gave us our passes and that’s it. Like always 30 mins flight delay, but this time with extra 15 mins on air-waiting-time before landing (forgiven due to bad weather).



  1. be it MAS or AirAsia….any airlines is ALWAYS delayed and never on time.

  2. you’re lucky twin. damn lucky!

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