Posted by: Ibrahim | 08/08/2009

Third Language

“Mata yabda’ al-imtihan ya Ibrahim?”

the ustadzha asked me.

“… err..” I stumbled. Lost. Helpless. Gasping for words!

My friend who formerly was a Religious School student whispered, “Ba’da usbuq”.

“Ba’da subuq.. ya ustadzha.” I nervously told her. My colleagues in the Arabic class burst into laughter of my little mispronunciation.

“Ba’da usbuq? SubhanALLAH, innahu qarib jiddan.” she replied, looking worried.

Whether she looked discomfort of the fact that the test would be next week, or because I was not being able to answer her question spontaneously – only God knew!

My answer was rather unintelligent but I would take that as a an accomplishment. Well, at least she understood!


In UiTM, we have freedom to choose which third language we would like to learn; Arabic, French, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Germany, Thailand, Italian… Pick any.


The bad news is, whether you like the language or not, you have to endure impracticality of it.

Three consecutive semesters, mind you, it directly affects your CGPA.. and less or none to your brain!

Bear in mind that those who have no basics like me, our classes are like an old Quranic class where rote learning is a priority. Especially when it comes to tests.

The lecturers might explain here and there, giving some meanings to words, but outside from the class and even in the future, only little can benefit from it. We’re becoming English teachers by the way.

All of my muhadirin were good, except this semester, a bit strict. But I like it the way she pronounce the words.. they got rhythm and intonation in it.. exactly the way it needs to be pronounced.


The good news is, starting from last semester, they abolish final paper and replace it with a project. We have to act in real situations by using our 3rd language, and make a video out of it.


And I love that! Seems it’s the ONLY time I can have fun with the language after the intimidating and stressful Arabic periods.

I know that I only blurt out the planned script but I believe acting gives me freedom in exaggerating body language and facial expressions.

And I just can’t wait to hold the clips of our video, so that I can edit it by adding effects, subtitles, and music. It’s my forte and I just can’t wait!

See, the third language would be fun if it’s not exam-oriented.


I’ve been pushing my luck for the 1st and 2nd Arabic classes. I got all the good fortunes out of my effortless work. But GOOD is just not enough. I want the BEST for the finale.

So, this semester I determine to improve my skills result. Beginning with vocabularies, kudos to my Arab friend who has shared a useful mobile dictionary. I only need to key in the word in English and it will be translated to Arabic. Nice, right?


About the grammar and all, I think I will just memorise them all. Like always. But I don’t promise by the end of the semester I would acquire the language. I just want to get rid of it, successfully. That’s it.



  1. we have the English dictionary in mobile…
    bad news- i think it slightly different from the meaning in Oxford
    good news- we never burden by dragging big dictionary around

    • The middle news: English has been part and parcel of our studies. No sweat. And the other language? Will go straight to the drain, I think.

  2. Try the following site for learning Quranic/Classical Arabic

  3. me want d dictionary too!


    all the best for ur Arabic ya.
    am sure u can do it 🙂

  4. complex post. upright one detail where I bicker with it. I am emailing you in detail.

  5. haha, the picture is sweet 🙂

  6. I agree with you. 3rd language is necessary when it’s not exam-oriented!

  7. im~!!! bila mau update blog hah? amboi…lama sgguh hg xblogging…ptt la dah xceria dunia blogging la nih…haha

  8. sy mo korean dict in my hp too waa..nasib kmi smpai sini trus tu final paper kena ganti ole project =p BUT stil sengsara mo blaja =(

  9. keke tak paham..amek mandarin. 😉

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