Posted by: Ibrahim | 30/07/2009

Orientation Leader

“Dik, why didn’t you attach a copy of your father’s IC and birth certificate?” my question to a new student. It’s required to have the copy to make sure that they’re eligible to be a UiTM student.

“I don’t have it with me, bang.” answered him shortly.

Maybe you can ask him to submit it by next week.” I told him, giving chance to prepare. New students have 14-days to complement the prerequisite documents.

“But I’ve never seen him, not even once..” he looked down. I could see the sorrow on his face.

His dad could have died, or lost. Or simply run away from responsibility.. but I didn’t have the heart to ask him further. I just can’t imagine being in his shoes. It must be painful.

“You are one strong guy, you know that?” He smiled a bit. I gave him solutions and he walked away, with his head still looking down.

Usually when students do not have obligatory documents as above, they need to go to JPN (Registration Bureau) to trace the documents, or court to validate their status. And for your information, UiTM only open for Bumiputera.

Are you a Bumiputera?

  • Peninsular Malaysia: If one of your parents is Muslim Malay or Orang Asli; you are a Bumiputra.
  • Sabah: If a father is a Muslim Malay or indigenous native of Sabah; you are a Bumiputra.
  • Sarawak: If both of the parents are indigenous native of Sarawak; you are a Bumiputra.


1-week course of PMMS (Orientation Leader’s Course) at Puncak Alam has enlightened me about the issue.

Not to mention the 1st class facilities available there (new comfortable hostels fully equipped with furnitures, LAN internet networking for each room, two toilets and two bathrooms in each house) it also has expanded my networking. By distance, Faculty of Education in Section 17, is separated from the other faculties in Main Campus, which is in Section 1 Shah Alam.

I barely know anybody there. But now, everywhere I go, if it’s not the new students who greeted me, it must be my friends from the other faculties.

There is one thing that makes me wonder. Why some of them look exactly like people I know? I’ve been to many camps before but none ever look familiar. In fact, I even brought up a long list of people who have the same facial feature. I planned to take photo with all of them initially and brought proofs, but have to cancel it due to time constraints.

The foods provided there were also very delicious, and healthy. They provide meat, fish and there were twice grilled chickens! If people got sick, it’s not because of the foods, it’s the hot weather outside.

The MPPs (Student Affairs Board) were also very kind to us. They kept asking whether anybody felt sick whatsoever. They didn’t treat us like kids, no scolding, no force. And warm smiles were everywhere. I didn’t feel like dragging myself here.

We were only aiming for hostel in the next sem but it was a surprise that they were asking for our bank account to deposit $150, too! الحمد لله


However, there are few things that I didn’t approve of the course. It should not handled like another camp. I believe that we attended the course to learn how to handle things. Especially for registration day and orientation week.

The course should limit the ice breaking sessions and direct to modules activities. So that we can have enough rest. For all of camps that I’ve attended, I always didn’t have enough rest.

Besides, the transition period between Maghrib and Isha prayer should not be wasted. We were on the praying mat, listening to a long and tedious talk how or how not to behave, for hours!

“Is this some kind of school camps?” asked my friend. “No hard feelings, but when will people treat us like adults? Trust us? I thought we’re already in university.” he continued his cynical remarks.

A friend who sat next to me added, “If they want to give advice, do it briefly and let us do the thinking. We would appreciate that.” I nodded in agreement.

“Attitude doesn’t get the job done anyways, it’s the knowledge and skills.” claimed another friend of mine. I beamed.

I still remember that we were not allowed to wear jeans at all! I was wondering what was wrong with wearing it if it’s decent enough? I thought it was casual.  Afterall, UiTM allows us to wear it to class by the way. Bureaucracy maybe? So there I go, wearing the only slack I brought from home (lucky it was aircond lecture hall, so I don’t sweat much).

All in all, it was still nice to get to play, work, pray and of course, eat, together.



  1. hye! nice blog abg pmp. ekeke

  2. best2..

  3. i now declare myself as your fan! nice writings

    • It’s always nice to be appreciated! Thank you.

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